About me


Jon Maple

Jon Maple has made a career out of bringing to light that which others cannot see. As a young man straight out of school, he started training in the art of hairdressing at the elite Vidal Sassoon Academy in San Francisco, and immediately after, began his career at the Vidal Sassoon Salon in Dallas, Texas.

At the age of 23, he became a salon owner himself, and as word of his creative skill spread, his clientele soon included the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, as well as the top fashion models in the area.

During these early years, Jon looked past his imagination as a hair stylist to see that the salon industry needed better management tools, so in 1982 he founded STX Software, the first of its kind salon management software. With thousands of clients worldwide, STX today represents the industry standard in powerful salon management.

With his credentials as a hairdresser and software entrepreneur solidly

established, Jon relocated to Los Angeles, where his ties and reputation in the beauty industry flourished, and where he was able to develop marked competence as a photographer.

In 2012, Jon's talent and keen eye as a photographer led him to identify his next opportunity in Orlando, he opened what has become one of the premiere photography studios in the southeast United States. Digital Tiger Studios has become one of the region's most sought out video and photography studios, with a clientele that now includes musicians, top fashion models, and Playboy playmates.